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  • What can I expect from the treatment?
    Lines and wrinkles will soften over the next few days. You will begin to see results in three to five days, with full results in 10 days. Injectables appointments take approximately 30 minutes, with about half of the time spent on consultation and half on the treatment itself.
  • When should I come back for my next treatment?
    For optimal results, we typically suggest scheduling Wrinkle Reducer treatments every three to four months, and returning in six months to one year for maintenance of your Dermal Fillers.
  • Post Treatment Tips
    Bruising and swelling can occur after injectables, but will typically subside after a few days. Mild redness and bumps typically improve a few hours after your injectable treatment. Avoid touching your face for the next 12 hours. Avoid strenuous exercise and alcohol for 24 hours, and avoid taking ibuprofen or aspirin containing products as this might increase your risk of bruising.
  • Can I go back to work afterwards?
    Definitely. Any redness or swelling will be mild, and should subside within a few hours, but often goes away in only a few minutes. While it is possible that minor bruising may occur (everyone’s anatomy is unique, after all), it’s a temporary side effect and does not have any bearing on the success of the treatment. We recommend avoiding alcohol and ibuprofen 24 hours prior to treatment to reduce your risk of bruising. And yes, it’s totally fine to put on makeup afterward.
  • Does it hurt?
    Most people report a 1-2 level of pain on a scale of 1-10 for injectables and many say a flu shot hurts worse.
  • I’m worried about looking frozen or overdone
    Don’t be. We believe that the best work goes unnoticed. When medical aesthetic treatments are done properly, you’ll look refreshed and rested, never frozen. We work with you to achieve desired results, factoring in everything from your skin type to your personal style. Leave feeling exactly like yourself — but with an extra dose of glow.
  • When is the best age to start these treatments?
    Preventative treatments are becoming more common because they work. Whether you’re 25 or 45 (because everyone’s anatomy is different), the best time to start treatment is before lines appear. We believe prevention is the best treatment.
  • Why is there a charge for consultation?
    Consultations are in depth to discuss your aesthetic goals, lifestyle, current health and nutrition, and to decide on a treatment plan as well as a skin care regimen that will help you to achieve your desired outcome, without interfering with your daily life. This takes 45 minutes. You will also have the practitioners after hours number to have any future questions answered before and after treatment. This concierge service will help you to reach your aesthetic goals in a timely manner without the guesswork of what to do between appointments. The fee is applied back as a credit to your first service, or if you are not a candidate for laser services, then to any spa service offered at one of our three locations.
  • Is there downtime with laser skin resurfacing or rejuvenation?
    This is a tricky question, because yes there is some downtime. But is it visible to others? No not usually. You can resume your daily activities by that evening or the next day. Procedures that involve using IPL will require you to protect your skin from future sun damage or sun exposure using proper sunscreen and shielding. Procedures that work to increase collagen and elastin, or work on fine lines and wrinkles will require some nutritional and/or hydration tweaks. Procedures that break the dermal plane, such as our microneedling will require you to not touch your face, sweat, or wear make up for 24 hours. All of the above, and more will be covered in depth with you when you meet with the practitioner. There are many overlapping services that work by different modalities to to repair and rejuvenate skin. Your treatment plan will be customized to you so that it will not interfere with your home/work lifestyle.
  • Will I be required or pressured to but expensive skin care products?
    All procedures require proper skin care before and after which will also be discussed. All skin is not created equal, we want you to nurture and love the skin you are in. You will be given several options to achieve this, products we sell in house for your convenience, as well as dermatologist recommended over the counter products that you can purchase yourself. Our only goal is for you to have a skin care routine that works with your skin and your lifestyle.
  • Will I have to come multiple times?
    That depends on your aesthetic goal, age, health and what you have been doing up to this point to care for your skin. Some sun damage runs deep and can take up to 3 sessions. To repair the skin matrix and boost collagen and elastin we usually suggest a series of 3-4 treatments spaced a month or more apart. Sometimes people come in with a list of aesthetic issues they would like to correct. At that point “multiple modalities” are recommended to reach aesthetic goals. This means that we will use multiple lasers or equipment to stimulate your skins “repair mode” and possibly target all areas in the same appointment session. This is discussed in depth and customized to each client to work within the constraints of their daily life, not hinder it.
  • What equipment do you use for your skin rejuvenation and resurfacing?
    We are very picky when it comes to our equipment. 1. It must be FDA approved for the treatment we offer 2. Be backed by evidence based science and practice, and show documented proven results in publication by top Medical Doctors and Researchers from across the globe. Currently we are using: • Candela Nordlys: Frax 1550, Frax 1940, Ellipse IPL PR 530 & VL 555, Nd:YAG 1064 •Candela Gentlelase Alexandrite 755 •Candela Exceed Microneedling Device •Rohrer Aesthetics Pixel8-RF **All of the devices we use are non-ablative and non surgical.
  • Who does the treatments?
    Treatment is performed by a Registered Nurse with a specialized license by the state, as well as National Certification to work with Class 4 lasers and light based therapy, and is overseen by our Medical Director and Advanced Nurse Practitioners. Meeting with our practitioners for consultation prior to treatment will give you the opportunity to ask questions, and develop a working partnership you can feel comfortable with to meet your aesthetic goals.


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